Welcome to Maria Paul :

With 12 years of rich experience in the Hair processing Industry, sourcing, selection of hair, blending with the ideal process, producing the most suitable hair, in the beginning it was a dream...........


………today our dream has become a reality with “MariaPaul” a humble beginning the journey of which started several years back. Our team has years and years of experience in human hair selection, procurement and processing.


Our hair comes directly from Indian Temples and is not collected fallen hair. We strive to provide the best 100% Remy Indian human hair available. This is simply because we have hands on experience in selecting the right hair from the source. With our only vision to offer the finest quality Indian hair processed with the best available technology worldwide the product can last longer and is more durable. Strict quality is maintained in our Indian and European Factories. Besides our process avoid use of chemicals.


We are convinced to delivering our clients the best we produce. This is simply because we delight in the satisfaction of our customers.

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